Fly high above the clouds or roam the depths of space. HOTAS mounts can be bought separately.


Race on your favorite tracks and gain an edge over your competitors by feeling the vehicle.

Racing & Flight

The Rotation module is one of the features making the RacingCUBE unique. Be one with your vehicle.

VR or Screens

The simulator is adjustable for every occasion. Both kids and adults can have fun.

Intelligent Protection


The system will shut down automatically if it gets too hot. However, this is unlikely to happen as we only use a fraction of for power they offer.
Motors are kept cool with the built-in fans. All motors are monitored by individual temperature sensors to protect the system.
The motor controllers are advanced pieces of hardware to ensure system stability. Each motor driver offers 120 ampere of raw power.

Temperature sensors

We have multiple temperature sensors across the system which helps everything to operate normally. If parts of the system are getting too hot it will shut down and notify the user.
Most important are the motors, there is a sensor on each motor which speaks with the internal computer to ensure everything is cool and operating under ideal temperatures.


Intelligent controllers

The motor controllers use high quality components and offers ampere control and temperature monitoring in its own system. There are various security layers built in to ensure system stability and current stability. The controllers use 100 - 240v (depending on your region) which means we do not use internal power supplies to power the motors. This means less components and less things that can go wrong.


Interactive 3D Model


 View the RacingCUBE in an interactive 3D environment, attach and remove accessories to see different loadouts live.


NOTE. The model can take a few minutes to load depending on your system and internet connection. We recommend using a computer with a dedicated GPU, or a high-end smartphone. MINIMUM screen resolution is 1080p for the full experience.

About the RacingCUBE


The RacingCUBE comes with a unique and innovative design without compromising functionality and power. With both a rotation and a heave module you can use the platform for racing and flight. The actuators are strong and fast, meaning you can feel every detail.

Hand Crafted

The simulator is designed and hand crafted in Denmark. This ensures the quality and customization of every model. We only use the best hardware on the market.


The simulator is powerful and fast; with four very powerful actuators, we have managed to construct a compact and responsive Racing Simulator.

Easy To Use

Install the provided software, connect the simulator to your PC, and you're ready. The software supports more than 80 games, and new games are being added regularly.


You'll be able to adjust the platform between sessions, within seconds. The different settings may be useful if you're driving F1 cars or roaming the space in Elite: Dangerous.

Minimalistic Design

We're focusing on designing the simulator to be as minimalistic as possible. We strive to avoid over-engineering, in order to keep the lowest possible cost for you. We call it Danish design.


Our key feature is the modularity, we want you to be able to attach everything from a steering wheel to a space ship throttle. Contact us if you have any doubts about compatibility.



See our most popular configurations and get inspiration. The RacingCUBE supports virtual reality, a 35" ultrawide screen and pro equipment. Click the tabs below to see our most popular setups.



No Accessories

Wheel mount

Pedal mount

Rotation module

Rotation plate

Force control

Emergency stop

Cable protector

Bolts & nuts

Optional Addons


HOTAS mount

Steering wheel


Rudder pedals


Screen mount

VR computer

VR headset

35" ultrawide monitor


Rotation Boom


We are constantly improving on our platform and with the new CRB model you get even more performance, stability and it's easier to use! Take a look below to see what's new.



Custom Feedback System


The custom developed feedback system is designed to give you low latency and high performance. This gives you the ultimate edge while driving or flying.




The stabilizer keeps the simulator stiff, responsive and prevents "wobbling". you will no longer feel the platform moving after the actuators have stopped.



Custom Cooling


Our custom cooling system keeps the actuators running longer without overheating. You can keep beating your opponents as the 3 fans will keep the system cool.


Innovative Rotation


The innovative rotation module can simulate traction loss and curves. With our new Rotation Boom we have unlocked the platform for infinite rotation.


Industrial components


Our brushless motors delivers 600watt each with minimal friction and controlled by our industrial grade motor drivers operating at 10.000kHz the platform can deliver ultimate power 24/7.


Adjustment & Comfort



Monitor Mount


Our custom monitor mount supports up to three 24" gaming monitors. You either use the monitors for gaming or together with Virtual Reality.






Steering Wheel Adjustment


Adjust the steering wheel frame or roller coaster bar. We support a wide range of games and configurations for you to enjoy.



Pedal Mount


The pedal mount is easy to adjust and swap if you are switching between racing and flight. just loosen the bracket and slide it out.


Easy to Use



Minimalistic Design

Comfort Adjustment


Slide the pedals and the steering wheel closer. You can adjust the comfort by moving multiple sliders on the RacingCUBE.


Configurable & Easy Software



Install & Play


Our pre-configured version of SimTools comes with a wide range of game plugins and pre-configured settings for the most popular games. The software is highly configurable, you can tweak every setting to your liking.


The Output Testing feature enables you to test the simulator without starting a game, the feature is great for testing the platform to see if a Plugin should be broken or if there's other issues.


Adjust Axis Travel Range


You can adjust every axis of the simulator which offers you the customization you want. By tweaking the individual axis you can make the simulator behave realistically to every situation you might need.


As the axis controls the travel distance of the actuators you can use it to enhance certain forces and movements.


Tune the Experience


By tuning the individual forces applied to the axis while gaming you can get the right speed and force you require. The Tuning Center enables you to add or decrease forces live while gaming and with the record button you can make settings for new plugins.


Vehicle Profiles


No vehicles are made identical and with profiles you can switch between settings without spending hours between each race. The profiles enable you to save the settings you have made in Tuning Center and quickly load in a new one while in-game.


Technical Specifications

Click the icons for more information.


28 Degrees (72 deg/s)


28 Degrees (72 deg/s)


540 Degrees (72 deg/s)


100mm (240mm/sec)

Approx. noise level

60dB (Audible in a quiet room)

PID time


Max load




Power consumption

1400W Peak

Operating Space



155/90/75cm (L/W/H)

Base weight

Approx. 50kg.


For ground vehicles: The pitch is used when driving up hills, shifting gear or accelerating. Once in use, the simulator will lean forward or backwards depending on the input from the game. For air vehicles: Pitch in helicopters is used when acceleration or decelerating. In planes it is used when flying up and down. Once in use, the simulator will lean forward or backwards depending on the input from the game.


For ground vehicles: The roll is used when turning or driving on an angled surface. Once in use, the simulator will lean to the side depending on the input from the game. For air vehicles: Roll in helicopters is used when turning at full speed, but also if you lean to one side. In planes it is used when banking to one of the sides. Once in use, the simulator will lean to the side depending on the input from the game.


For ground vehicles: Yaw is used by the rotation module and makes you feel the curves and traction loss when driving. Once in use, the simulator will turn to one side depending on the input from the game. For air vehicles: Yaw in helicopters is used when standing still in the air and using the rudder pedals to turn. In planes it is used with the rudder pedals too. Once in use, the simulator will turn to one side depending on the input from the game. The yaw is limited to 500 degrees for safety precautions.


For ground vehicles: Heave is used when going up hills or lifting from the road. Once in use, the simulator will go up or down depending on the input from the game. For air vehicles: Heave in helicopters is used when taking off and landing or increasing/decreasing altitude. In planes it is used when going up or down. Once in use, the simulator will go up or down depending on the input from the game.

Approx. noise level

Most of the noise comes from the fans that cools the internals. The noise is audible in a quiet room but can be overpowered easily by in-game sound.

PID time

The response time from the computer to the simulator.

Max load

This is the total max load of the simulator. The upper frame counts to the total weight along with accessories and other attachments.


The platform supports 100 - 240v and will be configured before shipping. We include a cable that will fit your local power outlet. The cable will always come with a ground variant and we recommend using that. NOTE. If you are moving to an area that uses a different voltage, please contact us before plugging it in.

Power consumption

The peak wattage is 1400 Watt; however, it depends on your settings and the attached weight. You can easily run the simulator, accessories and a computer on a 10Amp fuse.

Operating Space

Operating space depends on your settings. Generally, we recommend using more subtle settings while using VR as it gives a better experience. the minimum required space for operating it with minimal (Yet noticeable yaw) is 170x100cm If you wish to have more movement and your settings is turned up, we recommend 180x180cm.


Dimensions for the assembled simulator without accessories and fully expanded. 155/90/85cm (L/W/H). Dimensions for the assembled simulator without accessories and made as small as possible. 135/90/75cm (L/W/H). Dimensions of the shipping package. 120/80/50cm (L/W/H). All dimensions are without the rotation plate. That measures 120x120cm

Base weight

Base weight is only for the base of the simulator. This is the heaviest part of the simulator.

List of Supported Games

A list of some of the games we support. You can find the complete list HERE.

Aerofly FS 2

American Truck Simulator

Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa Competizione


BMW M3 Challenge

Burnout Paradise

Car Driving City Car Driving

CartRacing Pro

City Car Driving

Codemasters F1 2010 - 2020

Codemasters F1 2017

Codemasters GRID, GRID 2 GRID Autosport

Colin McRae

Condor The Competition Soaring Simulator

Copa Petrobras de Marcas

DCS: World (Digital Combat Simulator)

Dirt 2, 3, Dirt Showdown

Dirt 4

Dirt Rally

Dovetail Flight Sim World

DTM Racing Experience

Elite: Dangerous

Euro Truck Simulator 2

EVE Valkyrie

Falcon 4.0 BMS

FlatOut 2

Forza Horizon 4 Plugin

Game Stock Car

Gran Turismo 4

Grand Theft Auto 5

Grid 2

GT Legends

GT Racing Game


IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover | IL-2 Sturmovik: Forgotten Battles | IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad


KartRacing Pro

Life For Speed

Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 (FS9)

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Most Wanted (2005)

Most Wanted (2012)


Need For Speed 2016

Need For Speed Shift

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

Nitro Stunt Racing


OMSI The Bus Simulator

OMSI2 – The Bus Simulator City

Project Cars 1/2/3

Race Driver Grid

Race ’07

Raceroom Racing Experience

RaceRoom The Game 2

Red Rover

rFactor 1/2

Richard Burns Rally – RSRBR

Shift (2009)

Shift 2: Unleashed (2011)

Silent Wings


Speed Rivals (2013)

Star Citizen (Old Plugin, will be supported once released)

Star Conflict

Test Drive Unlimited 2

The Crew

Tom Clancy's H.AW.X.

Trackmania 2

TrackMania Nation Forever

Trackmania Turbo


Volvo – The Game World Racing Series

War Thunder

Wings of Prey

WRC 4: FIA World Rally Championship

X Motor Racing


See all games

Software & Development


You are getting SimTools 2.0 professional with the RacingCUBE. It is a superior controller software with extended support for the users. As a user you’ll be getting a lifetime license which will grant you access to configurations for the RacingCUBE. We will provide default configurations for the supported games but you’ll also have the option to configure it for yourself.



You are able to make your own plugins for games and other software. The simulator is compatible with custom software too, but no support is offered.

If you are a game developer or want to make a plugin yourself please take a look at the official documentation HERE







Supported Platforms


For now we only support PC’s in a windows environment. This is due to us utilizing SimTools to communicate between the games and simulator.
In the future we might look into consoles, but we don’s have any specific plans at the moment.


If you want to know more about compatibility and software requirements we advice you to take a look at SimTools website here: https://simtools.us/


NB. Please note that every purchase of a RacingCUBE simulator will come with a SimTools Professional license.