Import the RacingCUBE

Depending on your region, you might have to import the platform yourself and declare it. Below we have assembled some general knowledge you can use as a guide. We always recommend you take contact to your local authorities if you are uncertain.



Import within the European Union

As we are based in Denmark which is a part of EU there will be no import fees. For private customers, we will collect Danish VAT (25%). If you can provide us with a valid VAT ID, we will not collect any VAT. As per EU law we must send the package to the address where the VAT number is registered. We are required to check all valid VAT IDs in the EU VIES system HERE for all orders ordered B2B. If you have further questions, do not hesitate to CONTACT US.

Import to the United Kingdom

As of 01/01/2021 the United Kingdom and the European Union trade deal went out of effect and therefore importing our products will be handled the same as other non-member countries. This means all our invoices to the UK will be without VAT. We use FedEx/TNT and they usually handles all the paperwork needed. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Import to the United States

Recently we have seen a spike in interest from the US marked. Often, we get inquiries relating to import, specifically shipping fees, customs and taxes. While we have plenty of expertise exporting within the EU marked, we are just beginning to sort out the US system. On that note, understand that due diligence is required on your end. Please contact us with any feedback in the future so that we can adjust and update this FAQ.

What are the methods and cost of shipping for the RacingCUBE?

We have had the best rates, and excellent feedback from our customers when using FedEx. Shipping fees will of course vary due to the geographic expanse of the US. but expect rates between $449 - $899. Please reach out for a customized quote.

What about customs clearance and duty fees?

The shipping company takes care of custom clearance and brings the product to your doorstep. In order to do so they will typically call or email asking you to fill out form 5106 which is a two-page form identifying you as “importer” by name, address and social security number. Once you have emailed the form back to the shipper, they take care of the rest.

When we ship the RacingCUBE we do so under Harmonized Tariff Schedule, 9504 “Video game consoles and machines, articles for arcade; parts and accessories thereof:”

There are no duties levied upon articles in this category when manufactured in the EU.

Our last U.S customer did receive a $37 bill from FedEx as relating to paperwork.

Do I have to pay sales or use tax?

This is where things get complicated, not the least because of the 50 states having individual requirements and exemptions. What we do know comes straight from the Customs and Border Protection agency:

“Customs and Border Protection (CBP) does not collect state sales tax on goods imported into the U.S. However, CBP will make entries and CBP declarations available to state tax representatives if requested. Some states occasionally review these documents and send letters to importers and travelers notifying them that they owe state taxes”

As far as we know, none of our US customers have been prompted to pay sales tax. We believe this matter is best researched individually by our customers, with whom the responsibility ultimately lies.

Import to Countries not listed

It is hard for us to list every country and their import regulations however, we are using TNT/FedEx to handle our shipments. They are generally able to provide us with the information needed, so please do not hesitate to contact us with import questions.

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