The Rotation Booms


The Rotation Boom

The Rotation Boom is developed for our RC4 lineup which enables true continuous rotation on the RC4 platform. By supplying power to the RC4 and other accessories we can enable worry free rotation without cables getting stuck or being too short. The Rotation Boom supplies only power and therefore an on-rig computer is required to operate the RC4. Therefore, we have developed an AIO mount that can accommodate different computers, or you can choose to use the special selected Zotac Magnus One computer and the special designed mount for it. The power cable supplying the RC4 with power is conveniently located inside the Boom, we use standard IEC plugs for easy and universal connectivity. The Boom can be folded to take up less space.

Multiple versions


The Boom comes in two versions, one to place on the floor that can easily be moved and a much smaller version to be mounted on the ceiling.
Both models have same specifications but offers different usage, depending on your needs and setup.

Continuous rotation


Experience true continuous rotation without limits with the special designed Rotation Boom developed for the RC4 motion platform.
Get rid of cables and no more need to worry about a cable getting stuck or too short. The Rotation Boom will enable warry-free rotation no matter how long you your gaming sessions are.



Gold Plated

The best materials are needed to deliver consistent and enough power to the actuators in the RC4 lineup. We therefore use a gold-plated continuous rotation system to ensure the operation of the system, accessories and on-rig computer.


The Rotation Boom supports 100 - 240V AC @ 50 - 60Hz which ensures support in most regions around the world. By integrating the cables inside the Boom and use standard IEC connectors we meet international standards which ensures that we can use our certifications in selected regions. The continuous rotation system is made to last and has been rated for over 10.000.000 revolutions, this ensures the longevity of the Boom and the Motion Platform.





The small and minimalistic design is key as we wanted it to fit the theme and small size of the RC4. Even though its footprint is low, it will not fall or tip over under operation.

No configuration


You will not need to assemble the mechanical or electrical parts, everything works out of the box. When you receive the package, you will only need to fold it out and install the foot.

Easy installation

The assembling of the Rotation Boom is easy and fast and the hinges at the bends will help stabilizing the Boom during installation. The cables located inside the tubes will be pre-installed and ready for use as soon as the Boom has been secured. You can see the full installation proccess HERE


The top...

houses the rotation system where we feed the RC4 the AC power. Bend the frame in place and secure it, it is this easy.

Secure it...

with the included bracket. you can adjust the height a little bit to make sure it's level.

Rise it...

using the lower frame and secure it with a bolt. Easy part..

Rise it again...

using the lower frame and the tube bracket secure it with a bolt. Easy part number 2..

The feet...

are used to protect the floor and make it stable on an uneven floor. fasten all four of them into the frame.

Small packaging

For easy and convenient shipping the Boom is designed to fit into a small box. We have made sure to include everything you need to get started.


The unique Rotation Boom comes in its own packaging and is specially designed for the RC4 lineup. All RC4-CR and newer RC4 platforms supports the Boom and can be easily upgraded. Designing the boom with the smallest footprint possible, we continue our innovation towards home motion platforms.

The packaging is made from re-useable materials to minimize waste and inconvenience for the end-user. You can see the full packaging contents HERE