Frequently Asked Questions


Getting Started

How do i buy the simulator?

The simulator, both commercial and consumer can be bought on our website and shipping can be calculated in the checkout. If you wish to order a custom package, please contact us.

Where can i find guides and documentation?

All manuals and documentation can be found HERE

Warranty. What if it breaks?

We follow EU regulations regarding warranty, the terms can be found here: however, we care about our product and our customers, meaning we go the extra mile and offer 2 year warranty on both commercial and non-commercial units.

If you should encounter a problem with the platform, we will try to resolve it as quickly as possible, this requires us to follow a few simple steps:


1. Make sure the problem is hardware related, we might ask to get remote access to your computer via our remote software TeamViewer, we have our own support app that you can get here:


2. If we establish there is a hardware problem, we will ask you to go through the steps provided in the Troubleshooting section in the manual, sometimes it’s easily resolved. You can find the manual HERE. This will also help us determine where to look.


3. If it’s not resolvable by the user we will either take the affected part back to repair it at our assembly plant or send a new one, you can then return the old, damaged part afterwards. In some cases you will need to send the whole main unit back for repair. Don't worry, we cover shipping costs.


4. In some occasions we will personally come to your location to repair the simulator. Currently we have traveled to the US, Dubai, Bahrain, South Africa and other places to service the simulator ourselves.

As we are both the seller and the production we have short repair times which greatly benefit our customers. (There can be a bit longer times during the pandemic due to component shortages occationally)


How much noise does it make?

The answer and other technical answers can be found HERE

What will happen after a 360 degree turn?

After each and every turn, no matter how small, it will seek towards its starting point in such a way that you will not notice it. It's a feature called "washout"

What steering wheels, and pedals, will it support?

The standard mounts made for the RacingCUBE supports Thrustmaster, Logitech and Fanatec hardware. If you wish to use other hardware, please contact us HERE.

Does it support Virtual Reality?

Yes, the RacingCUBE is made with Virtual Reality in mind. We support all Virtual Reality headsets on the market but only SteamVR compatible headsets currently have support for motion compensation which is a must for some users. For more information please see the video here:, or the related FAQ.

How does it feel to crash in it?

It's a bit intimidating to experience a crash at first, especially if you use a HMD (Head Mounted Display). After a few crashes you get used to the feeling, or you learn to avoid crashing.

Can i get a complete simulator with all accessories?

Yes, you can assemble the simulator as you like on the website. It's super simple!


We support Flight, Racing and Space simulator equipment.

How do i know my equipment will fit?

We are a company that sees opportunities instead of difficulties. If you have hardware from others than Thrustmaster, Logitech or Fanatec; please do not hesitate to write us an email, and we will make sure that your simulator fits your equipment.

Will it be sold as a DIY-kit?

No, we strive to give the best possible experience and that is done by selling it as a complete solution. (Some assembling will be required)

Why is my Virtual Reality Headset (HMD) "jumping" ingame?

Depending on where your camera is placed (On rig or off rig) you can encounter the picture inside the HMD (Head Mounted Display) "Jumping around". This is due to the camera and the headset working against each other as the hardware is not designed for use in motion platforms. To resolve the ussue you need to use motion compensation, you can find more information in our manual section Clicking HERE.


Method 1.
Attach the camera on the rig and blinding the camera (cover it with something). This disables the 3D tracking preventing the camera at jumping around ingame. This method also disables the rotation tracking meaning, if the simulator turns 90degrees IRL, you will have to turn your head 90degrees to look forward ingame. That is why we limit Yaw to 5 - 10% making the rotation just enough for you to feel but you will not notice having to turn your head to look forward ingame.


Method 2.
Placing the camera off rig. this will yeld the same results as above, however you are able to get off the rig and move around (also ingame). You might move slightly around ingame depending on the settings of the simulator.


Method 3.

Placing the camera on rig. If you wish to place the camera on rig and you do not wish to blind it to get the full experience, you might need to turn down movement on the simulator to a rather low setting. This will minimizer the "hopping" and will give you a more smooth experience with the HMD.

You can see a video where we explain it HERE.

Operating & Storage Temparature

Operating Temperature:

15°C - 40°C - Humidity 30% - 80%


Storage Temperature:


20°C - 50°C - Humidity 30% - 80%

Does my seat fit the simulator?

The simulator natively supports Sparco seats and Playseat. However the mount can support a variety of different models. See the picture below or contact us for a custom solution.


Is the RacingCUBE compatible with other software?

Yes it is, but we highly recommend you to use the provided software, as this is a crucial part for delivering the ultimate driving experience.

Can i make my own plugins?

Yes you can, the software is not open source itself however, you can make your own plugins. Documentation is available HERE.

What kind of software do i get?

Along with the RacingCUBE, you will be provided with a lifetime license for SimTools 2.0 Professional. This software is a superior controller software, which creates the link between the game you play and the controller which makes the servos move you around.

(The commercial version will not include the software license. It's purchased seperately at 80EUR/Year)


The software is aesy to use and does not require any prior knowledge to operate.

Which platforms does it support?

At the moment we only support PC's running Windows 10 with the latest updates. Other platforms might be supported in the future.

What games are supported?

You can see a list of our supported games HERE

Where can i find plugins for the games?

All plugins is free if you have bought a RacingCUBE simulator. Plugins can be found in your profile under Downloads. If you require a custom plugin, please contact us.

By purchasing a RacingCUBE (And a license for commercial use) you will get access to a custom version of SimTools in your account. The License will also grant you access to all plugins available for free.




Where do you ship to?

We ship to every part of the world. Smaller islands and remote locations might be subject to additional charges after ordering or shipping.


You can see shipping prices by adding the desired product(s) to the basket and go to check out and fill in Zip Code and Country. (US Zip Codes should only consist of numbers)

How much does it cost?

The prices are available at our front page HERE

Please choose consumer or business accordingly.

Is VAT included?

It depends on which country you are in. If you are located within the EU all prices is listed with VAT. If you are located outside the EU all prices is listed without VAT and you are required to pay local TAX when importing it.

How big is the box it's being shipped in?

That depends on the accessories chosen. Base measurements is 120x80x55cm (L/W/H) 90kg with no accessories and 120x80x150cm (L/W/H) 150kg with a set of either racing or flight equipment.

You can see more HERE.

Payment options

You can pay with either Invoice, where you have to transfer the money manually to our account (Account information on your Invoice). Or you can pay with credit card (Visa, Mastercard & JCB).


Products bought outside of the EU with credit card will be subject to a credit card fee.


We encourage Invoice payment due to transactions fees on credit cards.

* Please note, we do not accept credit card payment on the main simulators as fees are high for both seller and buyer. If you are not comfortable with bank transfer, you can use Transferwise. They usually have better rates than most banks outside of EU.

What is the difference between the consumer version and the commercial version?

The commercial version is designed to withstand 24-7 use by multiple users in a short period of time. Licenses for commercial use for the platform will also be included and the ability to purchase the commercial version of SimTools is also available (80EUR/Year).

The commercial version can be bought "Naked" (No accessories) or as a package deal. You can assemble your own package at our web store. Package deals will grant you discounts.


How do i become a reseller?

We have started taking in re-sellers. Please write us an email on if you are interested.

How many can i buy?

You can generally buy as many as you wish if our production line can keep up. However, if you wish to by a large amount, please take contact to us so we can give you a good price on shipping and accessories.

Can i buy only the simulator without accessories?

Yes, please see the front page of the website HERE.