Delay on October batch

24. October 2018 af Steffen Hansen

October batch is delayed two weeks, please click on article to read more.


Hi all!


Unfortunately we are experienxing a second delay on the October batch due to the issues we are seeing on some of the rotation modules. For transparency we will make it public here.




Dear [Name]


As you might have seen on the forums we are currently battling with some problems related to the rotation modules on some of the units from the latest batch. The issues are hardware related and we are currently narrowing down the affected part as we think a third part module is the cause.


As your batch is scheduled to ship today we have discussed all possibilities related to the issue and we fear that using the same parts as previous for the rotation module, you might be at risk experiencing the same problem and therefore not being able to use it before we have repaired it. This means our engineer is currently re-imagining the way the rotation module works and we are exchanging some of the hardware with higher quality parts.


This decision is not easy, we take our shipping schedules very seriously, however we take the quality of our product even more serious and we want to ship a finished and functioning product.


We apologize for the late delay mail, we wanted to weight all options before making the decision and we had hope for a fix without replacing hardware. Unfortunately, the tests were not conclusive, and we have decided to replace the parts.


We expect another two weeks to be able to acquire the new parts and replacing the old ones, we hope for your continuous understanding and support.


The Fasetech Team




The delay is effective from this date. We will keep the affected customers updated on the matter.


Thank you all for your continous support!