Website changes and price adjustments.

11. April 2019 af Steffen Hansen

We have a big update coming up on the website and we will be adjusting prices on the platform. Click on the article to learn more!


Hi all,


We are currently in the process of updating the website with more and better information. We will also be updating the web store accoridingly as we are introducing a better way to make packages and add accessories.

The major change to the website will include:


- Package solutions; easier to choose a package suited for you. - No more waiting on quotes by email.

- Pick accessories directly from the RC4 page.

- A better business page with more information.

- More information about the RacingCUBE.

- Adjustment of prices, mainly on the consumer version.


The price of the consumer version will be adjusted as we have passed the introduction period. We have learned a lot over the past year and we will continue to focus on the quality and service we are providing. We are proud to have achieved recognition and interest from people and partners around the world.


If you have an unpaid order on our website, we will honor it for the old price. We still require payment 5 days after the order have been made to avoid it being deleted, please contact us if it's delayed.


Prices will be adjusted by the time this update goes live.


//The Fasetech Team