CV1 and Production plans

6. August 2016 af Steffen Hansen

Update time!


As you all may know by now, we chose to postpone the release of the RacingCUBE in February due to the unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign. Since then, we have funded the project ourselves and we have introduced the 4DOF heave version which would not have been possible if the Kickstarter succeeded, due to time limits.


Email Issues
Recently, we lost a member of the IT staff, and our E-mail system went down for a while. The issue has been resolved and I have answered all E-mails by now (If I did not respond to your E-mail please contact me again!)


Pricing & Launch
MANY of you asks about prices and launch dates. I cannot tell you exactly yet but prices will be slightly higher than Kickstarter prices due to the premium build quality and features. Regarding the release date, we are moving to a bigger assembly building in October and we will start mass production once we are settled.


Pictures and Videos of the CV1 model
I know a lot of you want to see the consumer version and I want to show I to you! At the moment we are testing it for 24/7 use and stability to ensure our components can take the stress. I will be traveling to Holbæk (location of our engineer) in a few weeks and I have been allowed to take pictures and make videos of the CV1 model (YAY!) and publish them. I can tell you that Elite: dangerous will be a priority with HOTAS to show you the potential of the 4DOF (Heave model).


Commercial Use
The CV1 model is not for commercial use. Once we have launched the CV1, we will start discussing a model intended for commercial use. Also software rights need to be adjusted for commercial use of the RacingCUBE.



We are VERY interested in resellers in the future! For the time being we need to focus on the release of the CV1, once we have released the RacingCUBE to our customers we will discuss terms & conditions for resellers. Please be patient.


Bonus Facts about the CV1 simulator.

  • It can handle 150kg+ (Dependent on balance and weight distribution, speed is dependent on weight also)
  • Engine heat protection – Dependent on load, the engines will throttle performance to ensure stable operating conditions. In other words, they cannot get overheated.
  • Safety features – We have enclosed the engines to make the simulator safer. The implementation is not fully done yet; we are still working on it.
  • All movements can be adjusted in the software, Also the wheels can be turned off by software if needed.
  • An emergency button has been installed on the simulator if anything should go wrong (Game is crashing while instructions is still sent to the simulator, etc.)

//Steffen Hansen