Delay in the production

12. March 2018 af Steffen Hansen

Hi all,


EDIT: It seems that our mailing list from batch one did not get delivered to everyone from batch one. If you have not gotten a mail, please let us know.


We have sent emails out to everyone that are in batch one. Please let us know if you have not gotten the email.


The commissioning phase has taken a lot longer than anticipated and the demand has exceeded our expectations by a lot. Therefore, we are unfortunately not able to keep the deadline of March 15th, as we firstly anticipated.
We are working hard on assembling all the units and we are working around the clock to make it happen as fast as possible. Due to the priorities we have made by customizing every simulator to accommodate everyone’s needs for accessories we cannot utilize our whole production line just yet. To make the delivery as fast as possible all available personnel is helping at the assembly plant to speed up the production.


If you have any questions about the delay, please write to


We are not sure if the second batch is affected by this yet, but we will let you know as soon as possible.


We apologize to all affected customers and partners, and we hope for your understanding in the startup phase.