Heave Function! (4DOF)

4. April 2016 af Steffen Hansen

Hi Everybody,


I’m getting a lot of emails currently about pricing and release time, and as I wrote in the lase update we chose to postpone the February release due to security implementations. Now, while looking at the security our engineer worked on a side project to make the simulator even more epic! The tests went so well that we’re going to implement it, and add a 4DOF simulator. You might have guessed it; we’re adding HEAVE!


To clarify, we’re still going to sell the 2DOF and the 3DOF version, and if you choose to buy the 2DOF you’ll always be able to buy an extra motor module and upgrade to 3DOF. Now comes the exiting part, we’re working on making the 3DOF upgradeable to a 4DOF using our existing module design, (release a few screws and slide it in). and the best part, we have tested the heave function with 150kgs. We’re not sure what the final specs will be of the 4DOF version yet, as we’re still testing it.


Unfortunately, I can’t post pictures or videos for you quite yet, as the simulator is not assembled at the moment. But I can assure you that you’ll be able to feel hills, bumps in the road and turbulence in the sky with the new heave function! I’m really looking forward to showing you all the new versions and I can’t wait for it to get released.

I also have a few new exciting smaller features to share with you;

  • Heave (As mentioned above)
  • Adjustable Steering wheel mount. It’s completely adjustable in any direction.
  • Adjustable seat platform. You can also use your own seat, or whatever you would prefer, modularity is the key!
  • We have developed our own motor controller software, it’s faster, supports our motors natively and we have more control.
  • Adjust motor force and speed with one dedicated button and adjust movement min/max with a second dedicated button, ON THE FLY. Pretty neat huh?

Regarding pricing and release. I’ll release prices in advance of the launch, as soon as possible. I can’t say when it’s going to be released yet, but we’re reaching the final stage which is packaging. As soon as our engineer gives me the green light, I’ll post pictures and videos, followed by pricing. I’ll announce that here, on Facebook and on Kickstarter.


//Steffen Hansen