Open for orders!

29. January 2018 af Steffen Hansen

Hi all!


Thank you all and congratulations to those of you who have made the first batch of the RacingCUBE. We are very excited to ship it to you, and we are assembling them as we speak.


While the pre-orders have closed we are ready to sell them regularly. Until we can keep up with demand we will have to sell and send them in batches. We will be offering a limited amount in the second batch that will ship on May 1 st.


From Thursday to Sunday we will be attending a Motorsport expo in Denmark. We have teamed up with the Danish champion in Formal 5 and we will be sharing a booth with him. We will be taking a lot of pictures and videos for you to see. If you are nearby, come by and have a spin! There will be a competition and some nice prizes.


Mail correspondences will be halted a bit due to that. We hope for your understanding.


Best regards
The FaseTech Team