Pre-Orders Closed

23. January 2018 af Steffen Hansen

Hi all!


Thank you to all who have pre-ordered. It really means a lot to us, and your support will never be forgotten!


We will be closing for sales until January 26th. Once we open our shop again the price will increase slightly, meaning pre-orders were a special price for a limited time only.


EDIT: Due to a lot of pre-orders we are forced to keep the shop closed until January 28th. this does not mean that we have forgotten the ones who have pre-ordered. We really appreciate the great support and we will not be raising the price. However, those who pre-ordered the simulator shall not be unnoticed and they will get an extra bonus or two!


Once the shop opens, you will be able to place orders, though payment will happen once we start production of your unit. Expect a 6 week lead time for the simulator base.


Best regards
FaseTech Team