Release Trailer & Pre-orders

15. December 2017 af Steffen Hansen

Hello my good folk!


Today we have a new video for you all. This video marks the final stage of our release. Paid preorders will go live soon, and for that reason we are fiddling with the website to include the shop. While we are making the shop ready there might be some downtime on the website. Hope this is not too inconvenient for you.


Regarding the preorders; A preorder will be priced at 500€, this will be a down payment, meaning that you will have to pay the full amount minus the 500€ when we start the production of your simulator. The existing preorder list will still stand. Once you make a paid preorder you will claim your spot on the old list. If you have not signed up on the old list, don’t worry, you will be added once you do the paid preorder. After a set amount of time (still to be determent), the people that have not made a paid preorder will be but back in line. Once these people have been moved, we will be able to give an ETA on the delivery of your preordered simulator!


When the preorder system is ready, then we will go into full details on the matter.


Hope this helps raise the Christmas spirit around the world! It surly does for us!


Enjoy the video.
The FaseTech Team