The worst has happened

30. May 2017 af Steffen Hansen

Some of our suppliers have bailed on us, which means we are currently unable to retrieve crucial components for the RacingCUBE’s actuators.


This means
This means that we are currently working day and night on finding new suppliers for the parts we are unable to retrieve. This, however, also means that until we have found the right suppliers for these, we are unable to determine a deadline for the products being ready. This also means that we will have to postpone any existing deadlines for the moment.


We promise
We promise that we will send an update as soon as we have any further information on the deadlines for the RacingCUBE, we thank you for your understanding! We did not see this coming..


We still enforce the pre-order list, and we will keep it open for new sign ups until we have news on the components.