The Last Details

3. March 2016 af Steffen Hansen

Hello everyone!


We’re now in March 2016 and you might ask, where is the RacingCUBE?
I can assure you all that its release is right around the corner. The design and functionality of the simulator is done, and our engineer is currently working on safety. We postponed the February release to make sure it’s ready for use and to ensure the safety is approved. Along with the last implementations of security it will be CE certified before final release (European standard of the FCC Declaration of Conformity).


While our engineer is working hard on the last details our IT guys is working on the web store, unfortunately I don’t have a date for you yet, but very soon.


I’ve been allowed to post a teaser for you all to see. More pictures will be available before the store goes online.


//Steffen Hansen