VR Kat-Vision

Urbanização Marina de Lagos Bloco 24, loja 2, 8600-780 Lagos, Portugal


VR Kat-Vision

First arcade in Portugal to feature the RacingCUBE and other simulators that helps the immersion in VR. They are located on the Lagos Marina where the sun always shines and there's a constant buzz from locals and tourists exploring the beautiful city. You can see a short video of us visiting them before their opening to the right.



Hallituskatu 9, 90100 Oulu, Finland


Immerse yourself in a real driving experience.

Our four motion simulators with VR provide extremely realistic racing for all levels of riders. We offer single experience driving, groups and events. If you want to experience the sheer joy of driving, challenge your buddies, or want a program for a group, contact us and reserve your time on the track!


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