Oh wow, you made it! The wait is almost over, and you will soon be racing the streets or conquering the skies. We won’t keep you waiting any longer, below you can find a few quick steps to get started. Enjoy!





Assembling the RC4


You need to assemble a few things before you can get started. Please click the link below and follow the manual. Don't forget the read the whole thing, you can do that while downloading your games, right?



Install SimTools


You need to install and activate your copy of SimTools. The program helps translating the telemetry from the games into a language the RacingCUBE can understand. Instructions in the link below.



Configure Settings


The RacingCUBE is very powerful and full of potential for modification and making your own settings. We provide standard settings for the most popular games however; you might want more action.



Play More Games


SimTools works with over a hundred games with more being added almost weekly. You have access to the plugins for free in your account on our website. You need to be logged in to view downloads.




Need a few more handy links? We got you! Please make sure you read all the important parts of the manual, like Safety and Operation.