HOTAS Mounts
HOTAS MountsHOTAS MountsHOTAS MountsHOTAS MountsHOTAS Mounts

HOTAS Mounts



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These mounts are used with the Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog gear on the RacingCUBE. The mounts are made of steel and can be moved back and forth depending on your preferences.



Roam the Skies, with motion




Adjustable, strong


Both mounts can be adjusted back and forth to make the experience more comfortable. The mounts uses the standard rail to acommodate a variety of accessories. If not in use, you can move them behind you to access other accessories. The mounting is made of steel and is fastened with steelbolts to secure it while in use.


Right or Left Mounting


You can install the mounts on the side you prefer, and when you need to get out of the seat you can slide one of the sides back to make space. The Throttle mount is also big enough to use as a mouse pad if needed.



If you are uncertain the mounts fits your accessory, do not hesitate to contact us.