HTC Vive Tracker Mount
HTC Vive Tracker MountHTC Vive Tracker MountHTC Vive Tracker Mount

HTC Vive Tracker Mount



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The Vive Tracker Mount is used with the HTC VIve Tracer (2018) to prevent unwanted movements from the RacingCUBE. As the motion platform have quite a lot of moving range VR headsets cannot compensate for the movements the motion platform is doing. This is where motion compensations come into play.



Move with the vehicle




The Mount


It's a fairly simple mount designed to be mounted on top of the seat. The closer it is to the VR headset the better as it needs to cancel out all the movements the chair experiences. The Vive Tracker can be mounted with a single 1/4" screw, like the ones used on camera gear.


The Technology


The Vive tracker compensates for all movements it receives and cancels it our regarding to the movement the Vr headset receives. This will keep you in the seat ingame instead of floating around as you would to without motion compensation. As the RC4 have 700degrees yaw too, you would need to turn your head along with the simulator to be able to drive straight. The motion compensation compensates for all that.

For more information you can see our guide on motion compensation HERE.



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