PC Mount (AIO)
PC Mount (AIO)PC Mount (AIO)

PC Mount (AIO)



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This mount is designed for to install most mini ITX computers to the RacingCUBE to enable continuous rotation wiuth the Rotation Boom. The mount can be adjusted to fit different sizes and forms.



On-rig gaming




Small formfactor


The small formfactor of the mount adds minimal weight and vulume to the already small footprint of the RacingCUBE. The PC can be fastened to the mount for extra security and by placing it on the rotation module, over 90% of the 'shaking' the driver experiences is not applied to the computer.


'horsepowers' right behind your seat


Attach your own mini ITX formfactor PC to the RacingCUBE to enable continuous rotation with the Rotation Boom or just worry less about cable management and extension cords. This mount can be adjusted for most small desktop PC's



If you are uncertain the mounts fits your accessory, do not hesitate to contact us.