Shifter Mount (Fanatec)
Shifter Mount (Fanatec)Shifter Mount (Fanatec)Shifter Mount (Fanatec)Shifter Mount (Fanatec)Shifter Mount (Fanatec)

Shifter Mount (Fanatec)



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This mount is used with the RacingCUBE RC4 to be able to use the Fanatec Shifter. It can be adjusted back and forth and moved completely back if not used. It is made of steel and requires only a bracket (Included) to be mounted.


Configurable & Stable




Left and Right Side


The mount can be installed on both sides of the platform and be moved back and forth depending on your position. You can also move it all the way back to make space for other accessories in front of it, in case you want to install a HOTAS or other gear.




The Fanatec shifter have mounting on the sides that enable mounting of the Fanatec handbrake aswell. You can use that instead of using the handbrake mount if you also use the Fanatec Shifter.



If you are uncertain if the mount will fit your accessory, do not hesitate to ask us. You can find more shifter mounts in our shop if you have another brand.