A 4DOF motion platform designed to be fast and compact.

With the continous rotation and heave function, it is ideal for both racing and flight!

You can choose between the listed accessories on the configurator, or you can order the platform empty and use your own gear!




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The RC4-PRO is the ultimate motion platform in our fleet. It is built to last and uses 4x industrial grade brushless motors with minimal friction. The overall max carry weight for the motors are 600kg which makes most things possible. (frame is rated for 150kg)
The brushless motors are made to perform 24/7/365 which makes the platform the ultimate motion platform for industrial use. The speed of the actuators far exceeds what is comfortable while using the platform, which enables us to simulate even the smallest details in every game no matter the weight of your accessories.


By building every part of the simulator ourselves with no standard items used, we can reach the limits of the technology and give you the ultimate experience in motion platforms. The platform can simulate road texture, breaking and even engine vibrations making this the ultimate motion experience. You can see all technical specifications HERE.



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Built-in continuous rotation


As with the Rotation Boom for the RC4-CRB model the RC4-PRO also features continuous rotation, however the power feed is built into the rotation plate which makes the footprint of the platform even smaller.

With the built-in continuous rotation system and the on-board computer, the platform can be moved and setup in less than 10 minutes.




In The Box | Optionals

This version comes without accessories, you can add accessories to your purchase by using the configuration tool above or you can go to the shop.


You can see some of the available accessories we have available below.

In the box

Wheel Mount

Pedal Mount

Continuous Rotation

Heave Function

Rotation Plate

Touch Display

Emergency Stop

Park Button


Flight Equipment

Steering Wheel



Screen Mount

VR Computer

HTC Vive Pro

35" Ultrawide Curved Monitor

Sparco Seat



We are constantly improving on our platform and with the new RC4-PRO model you get even more performance, stability, continous rotation capabilities and it's easier to use! Take a look below to see what it offers.



Custom Feedback System


The newest platform offers a built-in feedback system with park feature and high resolution sensors to keep your experience as detailed as possible.




The stabilizer keeps the simulator stiff, responsive and prevents "wobbling". you will no longer feel the platform moving after the actuators have stopped.



Custom Cooling


Our custom cooling system keeps the actuators running longer without overheating. You can keep beating your opponents as the 3 fans will keep the system cool.


Innovative Rotation


The innovative continous rotation module can simulate traction loss and curves. With the RC4-PRO rotation has no limits and power is delivered through the Rotation Plate.


Industrial components


Our brushless motors delivers 600watt each with minimal friction and controlled by our industrial grade motor drivers operating at 10.000kHz the platform can deliver ultimate power 24/7.



Adjustment & Comfort



Monitor Mount


Our custom monitor mount supports up to three 24" gaming monitors. You either use the monitors for gaming or together with Virtual Reality.






Steering Wheel Adjustment


Adjust the steering wheel frame or roller coaster bar. We support a wide range of games and configurations for you to enjoy.



Pedal Mount


The pedal mount is easy to adjust and swap if you are switching between racing and flight. just loosen the bracket and slide it out.


Easy to Use



Minimalistic Design

Comfort Adjustment


Slide the pedals and the steering wheel closer. You can adjust the comfort by moving multiple sliders on the RacingCUBE.






Configurable & Easy Software



Install & Play


Our pre-configured version of SimTools comes with a wide range of game plugins and pre-configured settings for the most popular games. The software is highly configurable, you can tweak every setting to your liking.


The Output Testing feature enables you to test the simulator without starting a game, the feature is great for testing the platform to see if a Plugin should be broken or if there's other issues.



Adjust Axis Travel Range


You can adjust every axis of the simulator which offers you the customization you want. By tweaking the individual axis you can make the simulator behave realistically to every situation you might need.


As the axis controls the travel distance of the actuators you can use it to enhance certain forces and movements.


Tune the Experience


By tuning the individual forces applied to the axis while gaming you can get the right speed and force you require. The Tuning Center enables you to add or decrease forces live while gaming and with the record button you can make settings for new plugins.



Vehicle Profiles


No vehicles are made identical and with profiles you can switch between settings without spending hours between each race. The profiles enable you to save the settings you have made in Tuning Center and quickly load in a new one while in-game.



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