Hi All!

As you might know, we went to Herning MotorShow 2 – 4 February and it was a blast! Below are some pictures we took, if you wish to see some videos and interviews you can see them at: https://facebook.com/fasetechdk/

We have more footage of people driving in the simulator, though we are currently editing it. Once i’m done, we will post it. In the mean time you can look at some pictures we took.

A BIG thank you to Aske nygaard bramming (Danish Formel 5 champion) and his crew. We are very grateful to share a stand with such professional and kind people!
He will be driving Formel 4 in the 2018 season. Take a look at his Facebook here; https://www.facebook.com/AskeNygaardBramming/


Hi all!

Thank you all and congratulations to those of you who have made the first batch of the RacingCUBE. We are very excited to ship it to you, and we are assembling them as we speak.

While the pre-orders have closed we are ready to sell them regularly. Until we can keep up with demand we will have to sell and send them in batches. We will be offering a limited amount in the second batch that will ship on May 1st.

From Thursday to Sunday we will be attending a Motorsport expo in Denmark. We have teamed up with the Danish champion in Formal 5 and we will be sharing a booth with him. We will be taking a lot of pictures and videos for you to see. If you are nearby, come by and have a spin! There will be a competition and some nice prizes.

Mail correspondences will be halted a bit due to that. We hope for your understanding.

Best regards
The FaseTech Team

Hi all!

Thank you to all who have pre-ordered. It really means a lot to us, and your support will never be forgotten!

We will be closing for sales until January 26th. Once we open our shop again the price will increase slightly, meaning pre-orders were a special price for a limited time only.

EDIT: Due to a lot of pre-orders we are forced to keep the shop closed until January 28th. this does not mean that we have forgotten the ones who have pre-ordered. We really appreciate the great support and we will not be raising the price. However, those who pre-ordered the simulator shall not be unnoticed and they will get an extra bonus or two!

Once the shop opens, you will be able to place orders, though payment will happen once we start production of your unit. Expect a 6 week lead time for the simulator base.

Best regards
FaseTech Team

Hi all!

We have extended pre-orders to end on Monday January 22nd to meet demand. If you wish to be one of the first to receive it you should order before then! There is no deposit anymore as our pre-order list signup ended January 15th, but you can still make it. 

If you order from 19th to 22nd expect delivery May 1st

Thanks to all that have pre-ordered! It is truly awesome to see our product getting so well received on the market. 

All who have pre-ordered will get a final shipping date on January 26th. We are going through the pre-order list and placing you accordingly.


Hi all,

The issue has been solved, and the payment system works normally again.

We currently have some troubles with second payment module. I am working on finding a solution and will update this post once i have solved the issue.

EDIT: The issue still persists, a temporary solution is to go to your account and download the invoice, bank details and amount is listed in there. Stripe works as normal. Also new orders works as intended, only the second payment module is affected.

EDIT: I needed to make a rollback in the database. This means 2 topics has disappeared in the forums, please feel free to add them again if not answered. NO further rollbacks will be done.


It’s time!

Preorders for the 4DoF is now available on the website. Go to the shop and select the 4DoF model.
The preorder fee is 500€, leaving the 3499€ to be payed once the production of your simulator starts. The first simulators will be shipped 15th March.
For more shipping, delivery, and payment information, read the information on the product page.

The FaseTech Team

Hello my good folk!

Today we have a new video for you all. This video marks the final stage of our release. Paid preorders will go live soon, and for that reason we are fiddling with the website to include the shop. While we are making the shop ready there might be some downtime on the website. Hope this is not too inconvenient for you.

Regarding the preorders; A preorder will be priced at 500€, this will be a down payment, meaning that you will have to pay the full amount minus the 500€ when we start the production of your simulator. The existing preorder list will still stand. Once you make a paid preorder you will claim your spot on the old list. If you have not signed up on the old list, don’t worry, you will be added once you do the paid preorder. After a set amount of time (still to be determent), the people that have not made a paid preorder will be but back in line. Once these people have been moved, we will be able to give an ETA on the delivery of your preordered simulator!

When the preorder system is ready, then we will go into full details on the matter.

Hope this helps raise the Christmas spirit around the world! It surly does for us!

Enjoy the video.
The FaseTech Team

Hi All,

We have just discovered an error in our contact form, that means that we have not gotten the mails from that. If you have not received an answer please send your mail to us again. You can choose the direct email, but the contact form is also working now.

We are receiving a lot of mails currently, please have some patience. We will get back to you.

Before sending a mail be sure to look at our Q&A section, a lot of answers can be found there: Q&A Link

To make up for it, we will release a video earlier than planned for you to see. We expect it to be up within a few weeks. There should be enough footage for everyone to enjoy.

FaseTech Team

Back on Track!
We found new suppliers for our actuators which means that the RacingCUBE product is now back on track!

We have done the initial tests on the new actuators and we are now very confident to say that these will live up to the standard we have for our product.

This means that our product is now back on track! As soon as we have concluded our negotiations with our new supplier, we will announce a new release date.
Oh! And did you notice?
We have listened to the masses of people contacting us with concerns about whether the simulator would “crawl” across the floor. The circle you see below the simulator is an early prototype on solving this matter, but we are still looking into the various possibilities to solving it!
All best
FaseTech and RacingCUBE Team

Steffen here is going to Dubai August 12th until August 20th. Do you want to meet up with him and meet one of the people behind the RacingCUBE?
Then here is your chance. Send him an email with an argument for him to meet up with you, by writing to him at: steffen@fasetech.com, then he will get back to you ASAP.

This may be great news!
If everything is successful at our business meeting in Dubai, it will mean we are able to resume our work on finishing up the RacingCUBE. If this is the case we will have a new release schedule ready by the start of September!